Knowing me Better

Section 1 - A little about me

I was born in Vile Parle, Bombay, India where I grew up and was educated for my  first 25 years. I got my break with the SEEPZ export zone companies in Andheri, Bombay in 1989 who  send me on my first US assignment in 1990. Since then I came to US twice and then stuck to my guns the third time in 1992. Through an intricate lawyer assisted complex process, I got my H1 (work permit), green card and citizenship in the USA.

Today as I look back at all my efforts and the hard times that I had to go through to immigrate to the US --- they were all worth it. I am proud to be an American and I can say I have worked hard to earn it. My children cannot say the same, as they got it for FREE, even before I did, just for being born in the USA. 

I am happy to say they are growing up in a mixed culture, with  good support of  advanced technology  and adaptation of family values/morals while exercising  moderation in good decision making even with all the freedom that they have in US free society.

Section 2 - My favorite hobby
Many of my friends express an interest in the number of exotic species that we live with in our home in NC. Here is a preview to give you an idea.


Section 3 - My wishlist and my favorite things
A few of my favorite things and what I wish to accomplish as milestoens in this lifetime in a graphical presentation..