Knowing me Better

Section 2 - My favorite hobby
Many of my friends express an interest in the number of exotic species that we live with in our home in NC. Here is a preview to give you an idea.

A popular belief in my friends circle is that I must be an incarnation of Noah (and his Arc) as I am always lookign for amimals that need a home or I can rescue. I will not refuse anything that needs help. At one time I had seriously consider about purchasing a local zoo that was going through hard times. It had larger animals such as tigers, bears, ostrich, a petting zoo on a 30 acer property.

As destiny would have it, things did not work between us and it finally closed down in a few months. Even today it will remain one of my lifetime goal if I can even find the finance and  people to help put a animal shelter and zoo for educational purpose. In the meantime my personal attachment with animals, birds, fishes and any other species that I can inherit will continue. Thanks to my sons, Sifron and Liron, who have take over the task of caring for them as I have take a more laid back role of enjoying them whenever I can find free time.


Hammie, Lookout, Icicle

A Hamsters is a small animal and generally easy to care for. Ideal first pet for kids who can demonstrate responsibility of caring for another creature. They come in various clolrs and hair types that makthem look unique.

A Ferret is a very friendly animal, but can be nippy at times. They are great pets but are good escape artists. Ferrari once escaped and we later found him when my wife screamed from the bedroom that the ferret was sitting in the middle of our bed. They need a knowleagable owner to care for them.
Flippty Floppity, BunBun, Cotton Tail

Few animals are as content to sit unmoving for as long as Rabbits are. As prey animals, rabbits go to extremes not to advertise themselves as available to be eaten. 

They may live up to two years in the wild and make excellent pets. Breeding in abumdance is one of their top skill and passtime..We got 11 and looking for hoems to adopt the babies into that came for a recent delivery.

Touch Me Please

This African Grey bird is the friendliest bird of all I own and he will allow all kinds of hugging and playing with him.

This Yellow Nape Amazon is the meaneast bird that I have got. She will daringly make a big show as if it is ready to attack me if I get too close. She came from a breeder and apparently has a dislike for humans (I don't blame her).

Very sweet Love Birds and easy to take care of. Give them a box and they will make their own nest and start laying eggs. No babies yet, maybe they still have to get thier act right. 

The Scarlet Macaw is part of the largest parrot family on earth. He is friendly but cannot be trusted. He gets mad very easily and ruffles his feathers if another bird is in the vicintiy who will compete for attention from us.

The late Blue & Gold Macaw was the most gentle macaw I have owned and had great affection for me. Unfortunately he developed a tumor and died a few years ago after living for about 8 years. Normally they live in the excess of 80 years, hence his loss is dearly felt even today.

This Rainbow Lory is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful bird in the world. Mine can play dead if he is handled and can sheik continously if he thinks we are going to get a hold of him. 
Fire Truck

The Red Lory is a stinker (Actually all lories are). As they have a more liquid diet of nectar, juices and fresh fruits, their poop is watery and it is quite a job to keep their cagers clean. They are extremely atractive with thier dark red body and blue/black streaks across their head.

Cockatiels are great birds to keep as pets.  They have a sweet disposition and pack a bunch of personality into a little package

Cocatiels pair up easily and only need a box to start a family. I have had at least a dozen babies that have been born to my  birds.

OK, eveybody who has birds will know that you start with a Parakeet and make all your mistakes with them before you graduaeinto bigger and more expensive birds.

In groups they make the most beautiful sounds and have occcasional bouts of pecking to decied who is the boss.

The Indian Ring Neck  have been held in admiration and esteem since ancient times. They are a large parakeet, sought after for the superiority in their form and beauty, their ability to speak, their intelligence and trainability, and because they are easy to breed.

This Chattering Lory lived up to its name. Everytime the phone ran, it used to chant "Hello" as it has masterd our habits if doing so right after the phone rings.

Black Labrador Retreiver
Our most favorite and faithful dog. Looks ferocious but is gentle as a lamb. But don't tell this to the burglars that migh want to har our property.

They are exceptionally  gentle, intelligent, energetic and good natured, making them both excellent companions and working dogs.


A Rottweiler is a large dog breed originating in Germany as herding dogs. During the first and second World Wars, Rottweilers were put into service as war time guard dogs. Currently they are frequently used as guard and police dogs. 

Ours, a mix between a rottweiler and a lab retreiver) is boisterous and destroyes anything that he can get his teeth into. But he is only a year old and we hope he will mature with time.

Sandy, Smokey, Friskey

We adopted the three kittens sisters from the local animal shelter and since we did not want to seperate them we got the entire package deal. They have a lot of body fur and bushy tails more like a persian cat

They are a few years old now and have free reign in the bird room where the rabbits and other animals co-exist without much problems.

We got this Swallow Tail Butterfly when we were visiting Seattle in the summer. The butterfly was on the ground helpless and we would have stepped on it unless Liron spotted it and warned us all. 

It would not go away and so we ended up making a habitat ina small pet container for it tolive in. It stayed with us in NC for abotu a week after which it passed away. IT was interesting to learn that butterflies have only 2-3 weeks to livea after they come out of their cocoon.

The Ocean Snail is one we adopted when it was given to us by a family that came from a vacation to Myrtle Beach SC. It is very large, as much as the palm of my hand, yet manages to disapper in the sand for days and then reappears one fine day. 

We are not sure how it has survived for more than 4 years as we do not know what it eats. I am sure there is plnety of leftovers from what we feed the fish inthat same tank. 

Fiji Damsel are a beautiful combination of color and a pleasure to watch playing in the aquarium. Most of these fish stay in small shoals in the wild when young, breaking away from the group as they grow, and eventually become solitary as adults. 

When dealing with several Damsels in one aquarium, plenty of rockwork and hiding places are necessary in order to keep quarrels to a minimum.

The Blue Damsel

3 stripe Damsel

Domino Damsel

Blue line Damsel

File Fish
 One of the best fishes for the aquarium. This unique filefish is covered with skin flaps and tassels that help it blend in with the plants it usually lives among. It tends to be a shy species.

The Clown Percula is a great addition to any reef tank. They are among the easiest marine fish to keep, and are a good first fish for beginners. They are as hardy, but not nearly as aggressive, as the common damsels that are often recommended to people starting out in this hobby.

The friendly, but fierce looking Wolf-Eel is a favorite of aquarist. This impressive fish is a sight to behold, growing to a maximum length of 8’. While not a true eel (eels have no pectoral fins), wolfies are actually a fish with an elongated body and are referred to by scientists as a “wolf-fish”.

This eel is white to off-white in color with black and yellow spots formed in patterns like snowflakes on the body, thus the name Snowflake Eel

Hermit crabs (ocean) carry their shell homes on their backs and tuck themselves away inside for protection using their strong stomach muscles. Hermit crabs are mainly scavengers and can often be seen digging for food, preying on smaller organisms, or looking for scraps on the ocean floor.

Hermit Crabs (Land)
Hermit crabs are among the more unusual pets, although they do make interesting, easy care companions. They have distinct personalities, are active and curious, and their unique characteristics and low maintenance requirements make them good pets.

Chocolate Chip Starfish are very graceful. Ours come up to the top surface to be fed by hand. A piece of thawed frozen fish is whatthey will devoure after liquefying it in the center of its body. 

The amazing fact about starfish isthat if you into small piees which has a piece of the center, each piece will grow up to be a separate starfish in due time. The regeneration is possible due to the vital organs kept in their arms. 

The Oscar Cichlid is the hardiest feshwater fish I have kept. It is veryinteractive and will feed from your hand. It will acknowledge your presence in front of the tanka nd often follow your finger thinking it is food. A great fish to have and watch it grow rapidly in any size aquarium.

The Goldfish is the most gracious fish I have ever owned. Easy to keep and maintain. Most graceful and peaceful to watch when you are stressed and forget about your worries. There are so many types that will amaze you.

Comet Goldfish

Fantail Goldfish.

BubbleEye Goldfish.

Oranda Goldfish

Calico Goldfish
You should never keep your goldfish in a fishbowl.


Tomato Clownfish co-exists with anemones in the wild and can shelter from predators near the anemone without being stung or eaten. All the clownfish species are very colourful and they are immediately spotted in any aquarium. Thay have bold temperment and usually quarrel with its own kind..

The Butterfly Koi have beautiful pectoral, ventral, dorsal, and caudal fins that are long, flowing and almost featherlike in appearance.
They are truly the most beautiful Koi because of their fins.

The Red Parrot Fish is a human creaed hybrid species, this fish adds a touch of color in an African cichlid aquarium and can adapt very easily to the water conditions of such a tank.

The Siamese Fighter Fish, more commonly known simply as a "Betta," originated in Thailand. They were first domesticated in 1893 for combat where wagers were made on the outcome of the fight.

Bettas come in a multitude of colors with long flowing fins, the more common colors being red, blue, and turquoise.When face-to-face, two male bettas will extend their fins and open their gills (flaring) to try and intimidate the other. If neither backs down then a fight will occur until one retreats or is dead. So never keep two males together.

This American Green Tree Frog has become a very popular pet species over the recent years.
They are grass-green colored.Ours actually came fromour back yard and the kids decided to keep it. It quite enjoys to feed on crickets that we put into their enclosure.

The Fire Belly Toad's coloration ranges from grass green to forest green with black blotches. The underbelly ranges from a flame red to a weak orange in color..
The brightly colored belly acts as warning coloration to other species. The fire belly toad secretes a toxin when stressed.
Entertaining and gentle, the pet Guinea Pig is vocal and delightful. They have become very popular pets because of their docile temperaments, tendency not to bite or scratch when handled, relatively clean habits and availability.
One time I made the mistake of having 6 of them in one enclosure. Guessd what, I ended up with 35 in a matter of a few months as they made babies faster than i could count them.

Section 3 - My wishlist and my favorite things
A few of my favorite things and what I wish to accomplish as milestoens in this lifetime in a graphical presentation..


Section 1 - A little about me
Getting to know me better.