Knowing me Better

Section 3 - My wishlist and my favorite things
A few of my favorite things and what I wish to accomplish as milestoens in this lifetime in a graphical presentation.

I can sit in front of a large window aquarium for hours and work in peace.

A walk on the beach or just laying down 
and watching the surf is a good days activity.

Beluga whales are large interesting mammals.

Someday I might live in Netanya, Israel.

An afternoon at the lagoon at Mar-Chiquita, Puerto Rico.

Snorkelling anytime!!!

Any jobs in the Hawaiian area ?

Proud to be an American.

Grand Canyon awaits my visit.

A pair of eclectus will be cool.

Next year in Jerusalem.

Spend a night in a real lighthouse.

Yum! Yum! Yum! Bagels & Lox

Anytime is good for a Krispy Kream Doughnut

A kosher chicken sandwich with a 
pickle when you are really hungry..

Save the Panda
Send me one !

Polar Bears 

Tigers, white or orange will do !

Satellite technology.

17" display, 2GB RAM, Wireless Netrwork, 
Dual layer DVD writer, Integrated webcam !

A ride in the Space Shuttle.

Being with family is always a good activity 
(if you can ignore the yelling and screaming)

Roses with diamonds are forever for my loved ones.

I love holidays.

Always exploring to find  a refreshing waterfall.

Yellow Stone, Cannot wait to ge there..

Another visit o teh grand Yosemite,
the mighty mountians.

Section 2 - My favorite hobby
Many of my friends express an interest in the number of exotic species that we live with in our home in NC. Here is a preview to give you an idea.


Section 1 - A little about me
Getting to know me better.